whispered traditions

“You come from your tree…
You, the Great Black One, the Great Crow.
Glorious Six-Armed One, homage and praise to you!”

The Great Black One has whispered in my dreams.

The rising Sun lighted up all forms born in the dark crystal room of the spacious mind and so, reality became visible.

All phenomena you are experiencing with your senses is but a dream, so when you are going to sleep, you’re just passing from one dream state to another. In other words, the sensations, feelings and thoughts are the echo in the space of the mind, echoing the self that in return is recognizing and indentifying itself with those sensations. The person is trapped within their own crystal room of mirage coming from all directions. Yet, there is a way out, there is a way to freedom.

Whispered traditions come to us in dreams. Those of you who wish to join this dream circle, look for the signs that lead you to connect!

Connection will take the form of a circle when the time is right. It is not in my power to define the time, although I am holding the space to receive your arrival.