This is just a dream

Most of us heard after waking up from a unsettling dream, there is nothing to worry about, this is just a dream. Despite the good intention to calm the child or adult, I wonder what would have happened if dreams were taken more seriously. An understanding of what is happening in the space of a dream, to whom is it happening and how one can transform a dream while dreaming, all these could have changed life experience and even transform suffering.

Listening to the news about subjective truths, entering a grocery store filled with tones of food industry products, looking at people walking with their mobile phones, observing people rushing, running before and after coffee, seeing humanity online, meeting a dam at the top of the hill and sensing how she is watching every step of mine, sneezing, being serious, being sad, watching films to relax from reality, eating an apple, washing my teeth…well, it does feel like a crazy dream too!

There are dream awareness practices that start by asking several times a day the question: am I dreaming? There you go, finally I got to say it as a grownup to grownups, don’t you worry, the trouble you experience, the suffering, the solitude, the illness, the chaos, all these are just a dream! And in a way it is, as neuroscientists (e.g. Anil Seth) start to say that we hallucinate reality because the only way we access reality is through our perceptions. Nothing exists outside of sensory perception. Although I might not agree with this latter claim, surely there is a lot to analyse if one sets the mind to discover the nature of perception. First of all what are the senses? Not what we are taught they are but by exploration. Even if its sounds fairly easy to tick the boxes of the five senses, why wouldn’t one include the sense of thinking or the sense of emotions, not to mention the sense of consciousness or mind (being so popular in the last decade.)

Turning back to dreaming. Might it be possible that we wake up from dreaming only after death? In that case I am dreaming myself alive right now, and I am a little vague about how I ended up here. How I ended up dreaming in the first place? Dreaming all this instead of being awake to, awake to what exactly? Life? Does anyone here hold a picture about life? A sound? A smell? A taste?

The only comforting answer coming to me is when we say, well, it is just life. Like this! I have never been silent to accept it like this. Neither the good nor the bad parts, curiosity for reality has been a tinkling sensation stronger than nothing else. This quest taught me skills, made me dance, climb mountains, fall, cry, cry even more, and made me being lost in synchronicities of events around me like I was inside magic.

This quest is a matter of life and death that might be fueled by intellectual or emotional grounds, but those wear out, peel off like dead skin.

All is just a dream, and light make it all sensible. The electric impulses, the colours, the densities. In the philosophy of tantra art (Ajit Mookerjee, 1966) it is said that every thought or idea originates in sound (nada). The moment we think an unheard sound is formed, and so it is the ground for all forms. At a vibratory level sound creates light, light being a sound at a particular frequency. Every vibrating sound has a certain colour, and all phenomenal object is seen as a concentration and reflection of light in a certain pattern. Tangible matter and energy alike are dependent upon the existence of light, and light itself on sound.

This is just a dream being sounds of thoughts, ideas, setting feelings, actions, reactions into motion! Strong and persistent sounds are keeping dreams alive. Ah, those thoughts of mine with silent sounds! The unaware joy of creating dreams!

The journey hasn’t finished yet, there are sounds without vibration to hear, light without colour and pattern to see, a dream of dreams to create!


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