Speaking with an invisible submicroscopic agent

We are the black box. Speech is action, so even if we do speak on a daily basis, just because we are provoked, and stimulated by events and news, it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to re-act instantaneously.
One of our principle stands is that we try our best to practice reflection on our thoughts, on emotions triggered by the environment (both physical and mediated through social platforms). When emotions and thoughts arise the accompanying force bursts speech into action and there is no time for sensing a wider reality. Time doesn’t exist in that flow of energy that flashes through our veins. We live like this instant, this nowness was all that matters. Now or never. And certainly, there are moments of now and never. This year, a whole year seems to be one of those big moments. A triggering year in many aspects of life. (For the matter of fact, it is always those big prolonged moments, yet, once we are triggered to our limits, re-action seems to reach the level of self-defence that is a self-defence meaning life-defence.)
For many joining in the likeness of mind, a re-action to defend life, to defend the self is acute.
While re-acting, the question of what self/personality of thoughts and emotions are, are equally urgent. Who is re-acting? A personal, a national or a cultural identity inhabiting the self? The person in us who is in reaction what hopes and fears are nurtured under her/his skin?

We own this great opportunity of the year to an invisible submicroscopic agent, which managed to create a psycho-physiological re-action war on all levels. And certainly politics, economics, the retail trade, social institutions, civilian communities, the non-anthropogenic ecosphere, or even the planets re-act according to a different sustainability-logic.
So while we are all taken by the rivers of the various re-actions because we can’t keep quiet anymore, which is truly about sustaining life, the life of the personal and collective self, take moments whenever possible to ask yourselves: who is it in me who was triggered, who couldn’t keep quiet anymore, who is speaking, who is angry, who is numb, who is sad, who is it?
At the end, there is no one there to answer. At the end, I wish all of you to have silence and joy from not hearing the inner voices for a while. Because what is there is a constellation of all the re-actions, the experiences on the physical, emotional, mental level sucked in through the pores. Even if time passes by, the body changes in all cellular level, the environment changes, technology changes, the relationships around are changing, yet, a part of me is still trying very hard to stick to the results of emotions, thoughts, physical experiences I regard as me. It is the results, the re-actions from which I take the snapshots of the constellation of experiences, and so I make myself re-learn each moment about who I am. Even if there is no who.
There is no one there, only as you observe now, the parallel, crossing, the unheard and heard re-actions of millions of people taking snapshots. We feel up the air with who we think we are, and the history and stories of these who-s.

The fact that verbal and written language is considered an essential medium for communication, diverted – apart from other influences – our attention from a holistic experience of life. Knowing oneself is expressed through speech, knowing oneself is practiced through thinking, through thoughts arising chased by emotions, through writing chased by emotions, through words representing part of ourselves. The only problem is that despite the art of words, and this generous medium of communication (with which some try as hard as getting the best interpreters amid the Babelian chaos), who we are cannot be transferred through words. Luckily, because that would be the ultimate dictatorship, which already established itself through the legislation, in prosecution, in education, in health care…all holding up this giant monster of word-relying-interpretation-of-self. If you say so, you are that, if you tell so, the effect is granted, if you describe yourself as, so we will judge.
This underling projection of the reality of self to the logic of words create dangerous consequences: subjective truths and the insensibility to each other.

I am far from suggesting that it can’t be a real necessity or survival act to respond to events affecting us. You should not wait and meditated over your ontological self amid danger threatening your life. You should respond and find the right action to survive. To find the right action is hard, and among all the voices suggesting you a path, there is only one that is viable in the long run. The way of the heart. Heart. Sun. Gaze at it. Sense the helical heart in your chest, sense its relation to all parts of you. It is enough for now.

Kind wishes, Noir

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