The Clearing in the Wildness and the Uninvited Third

Oslo Butoh Encouters, performance lecture, 2019
Photography: Lukasz Bielawski

This practice-based research explores the territory what self-hypnotic practices in butoh training can discover. What we usually call presence opens like an acausal door into space-time continuum where the possibilities of the observer highly depend on the intention and awareness of the person leading and taking the training. In this altered state of mind, the practitioner arrives on the threshold of good and bad, suspended within his/her own life.
As a result of this research the necessity arose to include the training of “awareness” into classes, and as a daily practice, for example meditation became part of our personal practices in preparation for dance.
During a three-year long research, we mainly focused on: How do we choreograph movements from altered states of mind? Is the question “where am I?”, “what am I?” accurate to define in words the state of a butoh dancer? How sensitivity to acausal connections in space-time continuum can attract synchronistic events? What are the dangers of butoh training that includes self-hypnotic exercises?

The presentantion includes film projection, performance, and a lecture summarizing the research project.

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