Mgon Nagpo (The Great Black One)

Tibet with butō

“The rhythm of the now does not reach me through light, it resonates within every particle of the darkness of the body. It’s darkness that binds us, opening up the horizon where we finally meet. Don’t be deluded by the mirage of light, this rhythm will become dance even when your eyes are closed.”

Two eagles were circling above when they first played at the feet of the Himalaya, in Dharamsala. The meeting of Tibetan music and Japanese butō in two wanderers through whom traditions of East and West, mountains and valleys live together. Their common language is the sounding rhythm in the darkness of the body.

Musician: Loten Namling
Dancer: Ma, RhythmosNoir
19.00, 30th June 2018, Garden of Vasarely Museum, Pécs

Based in Switzerland, Loten Namling has traveled worldwide with his lute, singing the songs of the 6th Dalai Lama, as well as other traditional Tibetan songs, and his own songs.
Originally from Pécs, Hungary, Ma has been traveling the world seeking the origin of movement. Butō is her way to find dance in the most surprising ways.

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