Dance looking for O

It started in the womb, being entangled with the umbilical cord, dancing with the rhythms of day and night, of fluids, heartbeats, waves, of sounds felt as movement. Within the womb and with the womb of outside. The sheaths of being, inseparable. Being without being mind or body, being motion and stillness fluctuating.

Dancing reality is dancing the relation to reality, where reality seems to be the stillness moving into directions creating the labyrinth. And in moments of disappearance reality shows itself as the surprise, the uninvited third, the one without name. I dance to invite O, dance to be born and to disappear.

Would you like to dance and hear the stories of being?

We are being moved through life believing that we move. Once one see the motion of sensations, mind and body, it becomes clear that which is left from ourselves can only be one dance.

Since 2017 shared the exploration with Rhizome Lee, Atsushi Takenouchi, Loten Namling, Mushimaru Fujieda, Satyananda Das Baul and Hori, Daniel Gyöngy, Leire, The Ronins, Aleksandar Isailović, Illiminal Butoh Collective…

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