māndāra atelier


* 曼荼羅,  मण्डल, ἀμυγδάλη, amygdala, almond, a room used for receiving guests in some Egyptian buildings, circle…

  being dance

māndāra is based on movement meditation and supports the re-discovery of skills to remember the sagacious, creative self in any life situation.

māndāra is the circle of individual and collective embodied wisdom that is perceived by training and discovering the kinaesthetic sensibility of oneself. Wisdom is nurtured as diversity, flexibility, manifesting as synchronisities of inner and outer phenomena. The shared perception practices are guiding one’s awareness towards an integrated movement language within and together with the environment.

Subtle techniques during workshops intend to support the recognition of light sensations in the space of the body as movement, including thoughts and emotions. It is to polish the kinaesthetic sensibility, awaken the kinaesthetic self and support the recognition of thinking, speech and emotion as senses. Some students named the proccess: “subtle techniques”. During the practices, each participant is given their innate space and time to experience the process in their own rhythm, and find their unique ways of connection.

RhythmosNoir share the philosophy that all living beings, animals, plants and unnamed sentient ones alike, have the wisdom to sustain their life in respect to others. This intrinsic sagacity can reveal itself as a language through our kinaesthetic sense.