Who am I here, and who am I over there? How does locality inform me about myself, or my being, or perhaps I am what locality is itself?

Wherever I go I feel left behind in the past, in the virtual space, while walking the woods connected beyond countries, I rediscover myself over and over again with every step. Maybe, the trees and rocks know me equally well, they speak me, give the sensation of hereness.

With distance I get tired quickly and than nervous if I need to keep wandering along websites. There is some sort of communication between the cells of my body and the cells of the computer under electricity. Be where you are, this is just an illusion. Meet me in dance!

RhythmosNoir is the flowing ink of the night on which lights are reflected. An introspective enquiry into the narrowing space between knowlege and the unknown through physical practice, inner arts and philosophy.

RhythmosNoir is home, a forgotten yet cosy spaciousness. It is the embodied unknown being that was vivified by river stones when sitting naked at the age of one. The path is made out of mist, yet the archeological work to discover the memory of bodily cells calls for a quest again and again.

The mirage in the mirror one’s eye might catch as a visual phenomena, the dance, the film or even writing are about the becoming and dissolution of the self, the rite of passage.

Darinka Pilári
… is being dance, research and a midwife for people wishing to explore the relations to mind, consciousness, body, movement. She has been researching The Kinaesthetic Sense of Self through which a reconnection to the space of “self” as a māndāra is possible.

Edouard Delemotte
… is a film maker, painter, dancer, and one following the yogic path of re-integration. Visual poesy has been an important language for him to speak with the mind in subtle time where not only our subselves are born, but our creative self is reborn infinitely. His latest exhibition called “Untold Tales” was hold in March 2021, Helsingborg, Sweden.


Today Rhythmos Noir is kept alive by many, some of the collaborations happened with Samo Kutin, Nobodies RoninYoshitake EXPE, Loten Namling, Jiří Vydra, KatanariMarkuszinhaz, Kinga Tóth, Bálint Bolcsó, blanche the vidiot, Ú1 and hopefully the sentence never ends!


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